with Annie Palmer


Certified Bio-Acoustics Research Associate and Sound Practitioner



 Sunday, July 15th @ 7:30pm


The Crystal Connection, Wurtsboro, NY


(845)888-2547 - $44


Join us for this meditative and relaxing experience. Let go of physical and emotional tension as a first step toward well-being and balance. 


This event offers a “sound bath” using the powerful frequencies of Crystal Singing Bowls, traditional medicine drum and rattles, and more.  These vibrational medicine tools offer a profound effect on the body and mind and can be taken seriously as an alternative modality for healing. Frequency and Vibrational Medicine help to reduce stress and support healing on multiple levels.     


Space is limited!  Please contact Crystal Connection to reserve your place (845)888-2547.  Bring a yoga or exercise mat if you’ll be resting on the floor.  For your comfort please bring a small blanket, neck pillow, and pillow/roll for under your knees.  Chairs will be available for those who would prefer sitting to resting on the floor.


Annie Palmer is a certified Bio-Acoustics Research Associate and Sound Practitioner and uses Voice Spectral Analysis and Sounds for Wellness.  The Crystal Singing Bowls event is a means of administering a full range of sound to help balance and restore the energies and frequencies of the body and mind.    



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