9ceab06e57d3df821132d1edec5f0617-crystal-grid-crystal-mandala.jpgCrystal Grid Healing Evening

with Betty Sue Hanson 

In this workshop we will access the energies of the mineral kingdom to release our self-limiting belief systems, activate our chakras, cleanse our energy fields, cut harmful energetic cords; and journey into deeper parts of ourselves.

Join Crystal Practitioner and Reiki Master, Betty Sue Hanson, in this 2 hour workshop where you lay surrounded by a customized crystal grid as she guides you through a visualization which will lead you into a deep, relaxed state. While you are in this relaxed state, Betty Sue will use energetic techniques and crystal resonance to facilitate your process of manifestation.

Personalized stones will show up to work with you individually and a “class stone” will be brought for you to take home and work with its specific energy! This is a relaxing yet spiritually profound experience that leaves you feeling clearer, more energized, and much more at peace.

Please take some time before the class to write down what you‘d like to bring into your life (spiritually, emotionally, physically, mentally) – don’t put any restrictions on your wishes! Your list stays with you until we burn it to seal the process.

$55 in advanced and $60 the night of. 
Only 10 Spots Available.

JUNE 29th Friday @ 7pm



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