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    ~Thursdays & Saturdays with Jennifer Wood~

    Tarot, Aura Photography Readings & Reiki Sessions Available 11-6pm

    Tarot reader for twenty five years ~ Reiki Master Teacher, Archangel Reiki Crystal Healing (ARCH) Master Teacher, Magnified Healing Master Teacher, Paranormal Investigator and is the designer and maker of Crystal Cocktails by Jennifer Wood, a line of Reiki and ARCH infused, wire wrapped rock quartz crystal, gemstone, and freshwater pearl combos.

    Jennifer offers a traditional ten card Celtic Cross Tarot reading to help you consciously create your life. Gain insight to the energies currently moving through your life as you travel on your journey to creating the path that will guide you to your happiest potential. See what is at the root of everything as well as what to expect in the coming times, with clues on how to maneuver through your days and get the most out of every moment. Can be used to answer a specific question, or to gain general spiritual guidance from the High Healing Beings of Light that Jennifer receives her messages through.. Jennifer prefers you to say nothing prior to the reading.

     Tarot~ 30 minutes for $44 or 1hour for $84

    Aura Readings~ $25 with Full Print out. (call store)

    Reiki Sessions 15 minute $25

    Crystal Skull Experience

    $44 for 30 minutes or $77 for 1 hour. Dates TBD

    Sessions can include; Energy healing with crystal gridding & singing bowls, chanting mantras to help you reach your goals, Quiet or guided meditation and or a Psychic Tarot Reading.



     ~Sundays with "Bill the Wizard" and Brenda~  wizard.jpg


    Bill “The Wizard” ~ Intuitive Reader Intuitive/Medical Dowsing ~ “Seer”  

    30 minutes for $45 

    Bill uses his intuitive skills and tools, along with his unique connection to the universe, to provide you with the information needed to help see the choices in your life.  He is also able to spot potential health issues soyou can make an educated decision about options available to you. Bill has an excellent track record of being accurate and informative in his predictions and what he ‘sees’.



    Mediumship with Brenda ~ 30 to 40 minutes $55 

     Brenda Has been helping hundres of people over the past 30years, Brenda has always connected with people on the other side, she calls herself a "happy medium" because she helps bring you comfort and sometimes tears of joys, in knowing that your loved ones continue on the other side. Knowing that they are still concwerned about you andcan give you signs or advice, can be a joyful reunion and a source of relief.




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