Offering Manicures & Pedicures!


New Crystal Infused Nail Polish! It's Vegan, Made in Florida and Has no Formaldehyde and 3 other major ingredients found in other standard polish.

~Crystal Manicure Healing Treatment~ 

 Starting with your choice of crystals in your hand soak, a made to order Himalayan Salt & Olive Oil hand or foot scrub, Rose quartz, Shungite and Black Tourmaline in Your Foot Soak, Shea Butter Massage Cream, Selenite Gridding under your chair with a foot massager, Finished with your choice of the mineral infused Nail Polish with a range of color/stone choices.

We are extremely enthused to be offering this New Spa Style Healing Experience. This becomes a new way to get mineral fortified into you body, mind and spirit for enhanced health and clarity.

 Full Manicure Service - $36

Full Pedicure Service - $46

~Saturday & Sunday~

Appointment Required


Colors/Minerals Offered~ $14.50

Pictures coming soon...


White Calcite/Quartz


Blue Lace Agate


Rose Quartz


Citrine Yellow




Red Jasper


Citrine Gold with Sparkle


Specular Hematite 




Danburite with Sparkle


Black Tourmaline


Dark Green Aventurine 


Red Garnet


Pink Tourmaline


Herkimer Diamond Top Coat