Your Connection to Crystals


We invite you to take time for yourself and come feel energy and nurture yourself in our sacred space. We all deserve the opportunity to heal and feel renewal from our body, mind and soul. Let the healing begin!

Our purpose here at Crystal Connection is to:

  • To increase everyone's Well-Being & Happiness! Physically, emotionally & spiritually, Crystals can help!
  • To help you surround yourself with powerful stones!
  • To raise the vibrations of humanity! Enhance the collective respect for Mother Earth and for each human being. 
  • To spread Love! Life is more fun with Love
If you are not able to physically come, do not hesitate to reach out to us via this website or by calling 845.888.2547
  • Crystal Connection is open from March to Christmas 2014. 
  • The store is open from 11-6pm every Friday, Saturday & Sunday from March to May 5th. 
  • From May 5 to Memorial day we will add Monday. 
  • From Memorial Day to Labor Day we re only closed on Tuesday & Wednesday.
  • After Labor day: We are going back to 4 days a week: Fri, Sat, Sun, Mon