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website-banner-smaller1-2-.jpg 116 Sullivan St, Wurtsboro NY 845.888.2547  Friday, Saturday & Sunday 11am-6pm

CRYSTALS = MINERALS = HEALINGTM Come experience for yourself! 



Upcoming Events:

* SATURDAY Sept 27th 7pm: Mary Magdalene & Yeshua: Sacred Love Activation through Astria

 astria.2013-04-16.jpgDIVINE LOVE ACTIVATION with Australian powerhouse spiritual teacher and healer Astria (suzy meszoly)

Come with your lover, or come and prepare to bring in your divine love with this first time activation with Astria (suzy meszoly) as she brings in the new energies for romantic, sacred and divine love. This activation will involve the use of essential oil and gentle hands-on transmissions from Astria. Please wear white clothes if you can and be freshly showered to allow the energies to be received with the greatest of ease.

$30 Pre-registered
$35 at the doorCall and leave a message at 845.888.2547 or REGISTER online: www.crystalconnectioncenter.com/events/

October 25 and November 22 at 7pm.

GET INSIGHTS and MESSAGES on Love, Health, Money, Family, Career & Everything important to youautumn-love-oct.banner.jpg


Zoey: Palm, Tarot ~ Ambriel: Angel: Jennifer: Tarot ~ Bill: Intuitive ~ Roya: Turkish Coffee

PSYCHICS @ $30 for 20 minutes Reading. Roya & Medium have different prices

Connect with Loved Ones on the Other Side with: Adam Bernstein  ** NEW MEDIUM [Saturday only] $30 for 15 min $60 for 30 minutes

SUNDAY 11-6pm

Connect with Loved Ones on the Other Side with: Professional Medium: Joan Carra ** NEW MEDIUM 
$60 for 30 minutes, $30 for 15 minutes medium connections.
4 PSYCHICS @ $30 for 20 minutes Readings
Angel Readings: Ambriel
Tarot: Jennifer
Intuitive: Bill the Wizard
Bones Casting & Tarot: Luna *NEW READER* 
Turkish Coffee Intuitive Readings20 minutes: Roya

**For entertainment purpose only**




CRYSTALS, Healing Stones,

Gemstones jewelry

& Beads





* Traditional SWEAT LODGE - Saturday Oct 4th 2014


Fire starts at 12pm on > Sweat starts around 3pm... 


Saturday October 18 + Saturday November 1. More info 

Some of our Past Events...


SPECIAL EVENT: Paradiso & Rasamayi Crystal Sound Healing Concert Saturday Sept 6th 7-9pm 


Paradiso and Rasamayi are internationally renowned musicians and sound healers. Sound is one of the manifestations of the Divine, used by spiritual healers of all Paths to facilitate spiritual growth and healing.



Reserve your seat early.  $25 when ticket is purchased in advance $30 at the door.
 This concert will sell out! RESERVE HERE



2-4pm Do Terra! Quantum Plant Medicine Workshop

If you are interested in plant medicine, vibrational healing tools or shifting your experience on the physical and/or emotional planes, you don’t want to miss this workshop. Cost includes a free comprehensive and scientifically validated analysis of your energy field, a free sample of an oil specifically recommended just for you, and a personal follow up on your experience! More

 $10 when ticket is purchased in advance $15 at the door. Space is limited to 25 people max RESERVE HERE

6-8pm AUM Alchemy Workshop - or - AUM Tune up

Whether it is known as AUM or the Word, sound is credited in spiritual texts worldwide with creating the physical universe, preceding even light. That which created all that is can also transform anything - and Master Alchemist Rasamayi’s clients have reported transformations of every type of challenge into joyful and abundant blessings.

Today, learn about Vedic and Himalayan chakra/key protocols and use these and other powerful “keys” to help heal yourself and others, reduce discord, remove spiritual blockages and augment the harmonious vibrations of love, health, abundance and inner peace. more.... Space is limited for this 


attuning workshop.

$44 when ticket is purchased in advance ~ $55 at the door. RESERVE HERE

BOOK THE 3 EVENTS [2 workshops + Concert] for only $70

 Great news! Crystal Bowls will be for sale on Sundayimages.jpg 




20% OFF Storewide ~ 30% OFF when you spend $300 ~ 50% OFF when you spend $1000


Time to get that big stone you've been wanting! 







An Evening with the Sound Goddess 
Friday June 20 @ 7PM

 Join Kate Anjahlia Loye as she channels Ascended Masters , ArchAngels, and Loving Mothers in her high frequency, fully experiential transmissions of Sound, Light, and Tone. Using the sacred sound currents of the Gongs, Crystal Bowls, Tibetan Bowls, tuning forks, rattles, whistles along with her Light language songs of the Soul. Expect to release obstacles and confinement, and find the room and courage on a deep, and resonate level to step into your authorship of the hidden treasure of your Truth, your True Self, and define the life you came here to participate in.
 Her Soul shamanic work draws upon ancient and innate spiritual healing Techniques. Being guided as a channel of the Loving Mother Wisdoms, Archangels, Wisdom teachers and Healers. She thinks of herself as a “modern shamana”, …. a Celestial Shaman. “When people get out of balance with themselves, they go to the local shaman, who helps them find their center. Harmonizing their micro-cosim with their macro-cosim.”As above, so below. Balancing masculine/feminine and Soul to co create Divine Union.
 Kate’s practice of over 20 years , combines her Cherokee lineage with training in Master Level Intuitive Healing, somatic emotional release, and spiritual guidance. She channels the Loving Mother Wisdoms, Archangels, Wisdom teachers and Healers . Kate combines age-old traditions, Dharma, and modern psychologies. 

Sound healing with the Cosmic Gong, Crystal Chakra Bowls, Tuning Forks, Light Language and vibrational resonance repatterning for Soul advancement.

Kate Anjahlia is a Celestial Shaman, with a female Cherokee medicine lineage.

As an Empath, Intuitive, Channel, Rev., Master Level Energy healer for over 20 years, sound healing has risen from a fundamental Soul remembrance. Her creative and unique style is derived from ancient, to modern, to star child modalities. PLEASE ARRIVE BY 6:45PM. REGISTER IN ADVANCE AS SPACE IS LIMITED. $30. 845.888.2547  

 The last Saturday of every month is Crystalline Ascension with Astria! 

This Australian powerhouse spiritual teacher channels the Master Teachers (a funny group of enlightened beings who preach love) and Metranon (arch-angel). She will place us in a Merkaba (a devine light bubble/star) during meditation.  977a3841fixed.jpeg

Learn more about Astria's work here.

**NEWS**: Astria offers 30 minute private sessions available before the event between 4-6pm. To learn more or reserve a session, call 845-888-2547 or visit this page: private events page.


Creating a massive dynamic amplification network, the Master Teachers will connect all the participants in this special event with all of the crystal consciousness of the thousands of beings of the Crystal Connection. They will create a huge vortex of grounding and centering energy that will power down into the Earth Heart and then stimulate a giant wave of crystalline energy, through the people, into the Earth chakra, through to the Celestial Crown, connecting with the Star People. Within this huge energy field, Metatron will create individual and a global Merkaba for the awakening of humanity and the opening of the star gates for higher consciousness. Please join us for this extraordinary event with Australian powerhouse spiritual teacher, Astria, as the church vibrates into unconditional love!
                                                 Please register by calling the Crystal Connection on 845.888-2547
                                                                       $30 Registered Book here or walk in $35

 At Crystal Connection we love love crystals, minerals, and all healing stones!

We know it's not easy to genuinely connect with the stones through a computer. 
We do our very best to connect you with the energies you are searching for!
Our wide selection of healing stones and crystals is now partially available online.
We will continue adding products! 

If you are looking for a special stone, connect with us here.


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Crystal Connection is a REAL large physical crystal store, for you to touch and feel stones! 90 minutes from New York City at the beginning of the Catskills. We have a great collection of powerful healing crystals, including;Some of the stones we have: 

  • Amethyst
  • Anandalite 
  • Aquamarine 
  • Auralite 23
  • Azeztulites
  • Cavansite                            
  • Citrine 
  • Elestial Crystals
  • Healing Jewelry
  • Healing Stones
  • Moldavite 
  • Obsidian
  • Rainbow Moonstone
  • Rose Quartz 
  • Smokey Quartz 
  • Tourmaline
  • Tanzanite
  • Zincite

          And much, much more...  


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